3 Ideas to Check Leaking Roof and Repair



There are many things to check the reasons of roof leakage. Let’s know how to repair a leaking roof as well.

1) Start checking gutters and rugs seams

To check for existing problems, we will always start with a good cleaning of the gutters.

The gutters and flashings, due often sealed with water-based products, over time, the material dries up due to high temperatures, getting lost. So watch out for the gutter splices, because losing the seals, water begins to seep between one upturned plate and another, and in this interval, losing the necessary seal, the water enters, causing flooding in its slab, unwanted leaks and infiltrations.

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In addition to mechanical strength and high temperatures, for durability and indefinite shelf life of your gutters and flats, the products also need to be flexible to work when the natural vibration stresses in the roof structure, are requested.

2) Verifying, ridges and spikes

During maintenance, you will be able to observe and identify deformed frame parts, dilated ridge caps or even bolts that have swollen due to vibrations of the frame. Replace all of these with appropriate parts, also remembering to remove all grout residues from the site.

3) Checking, tiles cracked, broken, with holes, and without seals

The next step is of extreme attention, because when checking the tiles, we need to be aware of small details that means a lot in relation to water drained over the surface.

Many cracks occur on shingles, and are submerged to sludge or dirt on the surface of the shingles, a close observation will help you identify this type of problem, assisting in the solution, a brushing with a wire brush on the suspected surface and may reveal and swelling.