4 Garage Door Maintenance Test You Should Know

Westlake Village

Maintaining your door properly is very important. This helps you avoid expensive remains. Following, we are forwarding some maintenance and safety tests you should undertake to evaluate the current condition of your garage door, and deduce whether you should call in professional services or not.

  • The Photo Eye Test

Open the door, and close it while you wave a stick in front of one of sensor and break beam. Once the break gets broken, your door should reverse. If this doesn’t happen, close the door properly and clean these sensors.

Westlake Village

Adjust the sensors to assure they are properly aligned. Now test it again, if it doesn’t work, then you better call a professional Service.

  • Force Setting

Open the garage door, and close it. When it closes down, hold and prevent it from closing completely. If the door doesn’t go into reverse and starts opening, you should step out of the way and let it close.

This suggests that the closing force was excessive, and your door needs service. Time to call in Garage Door Repair Services Westlake Village!

  • Reverse Mechanism Test

You should only do it if you have automatic opener. Open the door complete, and put a piece of wood on the ground. Now close it, your door should go in reverse as soon as it touches the wood. If it doesn’t, then you better call Garage Door Opener Installation services for help.

This is a serious issue, and if you don’t deal with it in time, it will cause harm to your property or overall well-being.

  • Balance Test

You should probably call Garage Door Repair services for this one, close the door and switch off automatic opener. Lift the door manually, there should be least amount of resistant and it should remains open. If it is hard to open, and closes down, it means your door is out of balance.