7 Factors to Consider When Choosing Blue Grey Kitchen Cabinets

Blue Grey Kitchen Cabinets

Do you know how to pick the right colors for your kitchen cabinets? Find out the top factors to consider when choosing kitchen colors. 

The overall appearance of the kitchen relies so much on the color of the cabinets. The color should be reflective of many things including personal taste and overall aesthetics. So, how exactly is a homeowner expected to choose the right color?

Blue Grey Kitchen Cabinets

Your personal style                                             

What is your ideal kitchen like? What are the color schemes that you’ve always wanted in your kitchen? The answer to these questions should guide you to select the right color for your kitchen cabinets. Be as expressive as you can; even mixing colors like blue-grey kitchen cabinets can work to your satisfaction.

Overall kitchen style

Another key factor to consider is the overall style that your kitchen space has. This means that the cabinetry color must complement what other kitchen elements already have. You can borrow ideas on how to mix colors online.

Kitchen size

The size of your kitchen determines the kind of color choices your cabinets can pick. Large kitchen spaces can have bold colors like blue grey kitchen cabinetsHowever, smaller spaces should opt for lighter color shades to make the kitchen appear somewhat bigger.

Color scheme 

The kitchen must have an existing color scheme that you can refer to when looking for ways of enhancing beauty through the use of kitchen cabinets. The colors of your kitchen’s walls, countertops, and appliances should help you decide which cabinetry color will create harmony.

Durability and maintenance 

There are colors that are hard to maintain because of the constant requirements to clean them. White and other bright colors are quite demanding. However, colors such as blue and grey are good for durability. Therefore, blue grey kitchen cabinets can be a great choice for homes that have busy kitchens.

Resale value 

You can also look at the best colors that are attractive in the real estate market. Such colors will boost the resale value of your home if you decide to sell. Most new homebuyers prefer trending colors like white, blue, or grey.

Mood and atmosphere

Cabinetry colors can also help you create a certain mood or atmosphere in the kitchen space. Reflect upon the mood that you would want to create in your kitchen space and use the right set of colors to create this mood. For example, blue grey kitchen cabinets can help you create a relaxing and warm atmosphere in a sleek and urban kitchen.

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Use these factors to guide your next choice of colors in your kitchen space.