An Ultimate Guide On Contaminated Soil, NJ

An Ultimate Guide On Contaminated Soil, NJ

Contaminated soil, NJ is defined as the presence of hazardous materials in the soil, in high enough levels to pose a threat to human health and ecosystem. The contaminants that happen naturally in the soil and are not high enough, are still harmful to humans and the environment.

Causes of Contaminated soil

All polluted or unpolluted soils contain various types of elements that are naturally present. Metal, inorganic iron, proteins, DNA, fatty acids, PAHs, hydrocarbons, sulfates, carbonates, and other compounds are included in such contaminants.

An Ultimate Guide On Contaminated Soil, NJ

These compounds are generated through the decomposition of plants and animals and soil microbial activity. Numerous elements get mixed up into the soil from the environment. For example, rainwater, wind activity, and other types of disturbances.

The groundwater that flows through the soil and surface water bodies is also a cause of soil contaminants. When the levels of contaminated soil, NYC exceeds the natural levels, pollution is produced. There are two major reasons for soil pollution:

natural causes

made-made causes

Natural pollutants

Natural methods can lead to a buildup of dangerous materials in the soil. This type of pollution has been recorded in a few cases, such as the buildup of extremely high levels of perchlorate in the soil. It is a type of pollution that is caused by natural processes only in dry environments.

Man-made pollutants

Man-made pollutants are the biggest reasons for soil contaminants and consist of a large amount of both inorganic and organic chemicals. They are able to pollute the soil either alone or combined with numerous soil toxins.

This type of pollution is caused by the inappropriate disposal of waste that comes from urban areas, industrial areas, and agricultural insecticides. Therefore, it is better to hire a reputed Soil disposal Company NY for appropriate disposal of wastes.

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