Getting Garage Door Spring Repair in Marina Del Rey

Garage Door Repair Services in Marina del Rey

There’re mostly two springs on any garage door. The intense and long spring that is linked to the higher door is extension spring. One more spring is linked to a shield stuck with its frame is torsion spring. The torsion spring works on basis of stress and pressure and includes cables at both door sides in lower frame. If it’s required to replace or repair garage door spring you can only replace it yourself if you want or hire a professional for garage door spring repair in Marina Del Rey.

Garage Door Repair Services in Marina del Rey

It’s important to notice that considering a spring change can add to risks if it’s not performed with the correct safety measures as a consequence of the spring’s tension. You need to take care of extreme preventative measures as you may injure your finger, eye, hand, limb, or also life. It is the reason; most will hand over this to professionals of garage door repair in Marina Del Rey.

The steps to change the door spring are:

  • Disconnect the main power supply and also power lead of door opener. You may need to take out the fuse to break power supply in old door opener if you have such.
  • Check, you’ve correct torsion spring to replace. Check the measurement and model comparing it with old one. Avoid disturbing winding shaft or holding torsion spring.
  • Check that you label every side of the tube to make both springs level once both springs are installed.
  • Reverse the winding of springs and then loose and remove nuts that are holding the springs with shaft.
  • Change and fix every part of the spring.
  • Do not fix nuts tightly yet, first balance and level the garage door.
  • Use some grease oil to reduce the resistance.
  • Attach back garage door opener, then do trial and error to find out if it is working.