A Guide to Use a Power Washer

A Guide to Use a Power Washer

Using a power washer is quite a challenge, that’s why you need to call in a Pressure Washing Houston. Power washers are designed for a number of using from cleaning to preparing a surface for repainting. These machines are different according to their capacity, and pressure.

We are describing how these small details can make a real difference if you are planning to buy a power washer yourself. These washers can do more harm than good if you don’t know how to use them.

A Guide to Use a Power Washer


If you are using a power washer, make sure the parts you use are approved for power washing. There are different interchangeable spray tips that all serve two purposes. They lower pressure and draw detergent. They change the angle of spray from 0-65 degrees. They help changing the punch of water stream.

They are available in different options and all are color coded. They are attached before trigger gun, and are designed for different uses such as simple cleaning to removing a hard build-up of grime.


Use chemicals that are approved for a pressure washer. There is a wide variety of chemicals including cleaners for wood, grease, and etc. every machine comes equipped with a detergent injected that offers continuous uninterrupted flow of solution onto the stream.

What You Clean

This dictates the type of machine a Pressure Washing service should bring along. Spraying around windows, flowers, car, vents etc are different. A washer designed to clean sidings won’t do a good job. The same applies for washing a car, window windows, or cleaning dirt build up.

Every machine is designed different according to different water pressure, nozzle, water stream, stream angle and others. Put simple, a setting used to wash thin wooden surfaces won’t work on a car, and car settings will break the wooden panels.