Interesting Facts about Leonardo da Vinci’s Famous Paintings

An interesting fact about The Last Supper

Want to know more about da Vinci’s famous paintings? We’ve put together some amazing Da Vinci secrets and facts you wish you knew earlier. Leonardo da Vinci is undoubtedly one of the best painters of all time. He is known for his mysterious paintings and portrays. In this blog post, you’ll get to know about some interesting facts about his paintings.

Let’s start with a mistake in Salvator Mundi painting:

Salvator Mundi painting

If you take a closer look at Salvator Mundi painting, you’ll notice a transparent globe in the Jesus’s hand, which contradicts with the laws of optics. As a rational thinker, Leonardo should have designed the background behind the transparent globe in a different way to make it look more realistic. It should have appeared enlarged or out of the focus.

The Portrait of Isabella d’Este

Portrait of Isabella d%e2%80%99Este

According to a recent scientific revelation, The Portrait of Isabella d’Este belongs to Leonardo da Vinci’s works. This is indicated by a primer and a pigment identical to those used by da Vinci, not to mention the woman who’s quite similar to Mona Lisa, mainly her smile.

An interesting fact about The Last Supper

An interesting fact about The Last Supper

What could possibly unite Judas and Jesus on this painting? There’s a myth that the same person was a Model for both Judas and Jesus. Unfortunately no one knows who this person was. Another surprising thing on this canvas is the overturned salt shaker that is lying next to Judas. It’s likely that this can add weight to the belief that dropped salt causes trouble, since the painting portrays the moment when Jesus predicts one of the gathered will surely betray him.

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