Quick Tips for Maintaining Long-Lasting Kitchen Cabinets

Blue and White Kitchen Cabinets - 1 - CabinetDIY

When dreaming about a well-maintained kitchen, do you think about the fine lines and beautiful patterns running down your kitchen cabinet? Now you can also turn your dream into reality by maintaining your kitchen cabinets and helping them last longer. If you are finding ways to get the best return on your investment, you sure have come to the right place. In this article, we will discuss various ways in which you can make sure your kitchen cabinet stands out, spreading a positive aura around the house.

Blue and White Kitchen Cabinets - 1 - CabinetDIY

No wonder kitchen cabinetry is one of the essential parts of any kitchen, whether traditional, transitional, or modern. Cabinets help make your kitchen look cleaner and fully functional. Also, if you haven’t yet installed one, you are missing out on something worthy.

The kitchen is the space where most of you spend a large chunk of your day, either organizing events or preparing for the next Masterchef. Whatever your reason is, cabinets are what make your task easier and quicker. It also gives an aesthetic look and sets the tone of the room. Modern homeowners are going for navy blue kitchen cabinets and other bold colors because these are easier to maintain.

To maintain your kitchen cabinet, you can go for numerous options. We have listed some easy ways in which you can go carry out the task. Keep reading.

  1. Paint Your Kitchen Cabinet

One of the best and easiest ways to maintain and ensure the durability of your kitchen cabinet is by applying a coat of paint. The painting process requires patience. To repaint your kitchen cabinet, consider the right paint, something that goes well with the wall colors and other kitchen accessories. You can go for navy blue kitchen cabinets because such colors create a fun-filled aura. Also, bright and bold colors make it easier to clean the kitchen cabinets.

  1. Change Knobs and Hardware

Beauty and function are two good reasons to fall for your kitchen cabinet knobs and hardware. Knobs and pulls safeguard your cabinet finish and ensure the longevity of the cabinets. There are a plethora of options for choosing the doors and drawers, the style and finishes that can alleviate the design of your cooking space.

  • Ensure whether you want a pull or a knob
  • Consider the finish of the pull or the knob
  • Consider your comfort
  • Analyze the cost of the hardware

You can choose aluminum, chrome, stainless steel, ceramic, wood, etc., and remember that the right quality and design will alleviate the functionality and enhance the durability of the kitchen cabinet.

  1. Wisely Choose Cleaning Clothes

The best choice for cabinet cleaning is a soft cloth that is free from residue. Some fabrics, such as old t-shirts and cotton swabs, can leave residue on the surface. It is also important to avoid using old dishcloths and sponge products. Keep in mind to avoid using products that contain harsh chemicals.

While soap and water are commonly used to clean kitchen cabinet finishes, too much moisture can damage the wood and wood finishes. This is why applying a mixture of soap and water is recommended for specific kitchen cabinets.

  1. Consider Cabinet Tops

Something always gets overlooked, and kitchen cabinet tops could be one of them. Even though cabinet tops do not require regular cleaning, at least once a week would prevent the build-up of oil and stubborn grease.

  1. Don’t Slam Cabinet Doors

Not closing the kitchen cabinet door properly can cause a lot of headaches when it comes to custom cabinet work. Having the proper hardware installed can also help people from accidentally pulling the cabinet doors. Slamming the kitchen cabinet door hard can reduce the longevity of the product.

While it may seem like a no-brainer to replace or revamp your kitchen cabinetry, sometimes circumstances can pile on top of each other and these can help you understand the importance of maintaining kitchen cabinets.

Nowadays, homeowners are opting for darker shades, like navy blue kitchen cabinets, which prevent dust or grease from accumulating and give a versatile look!

The Final Takeaway

Do you consider your cooking area to be a culinary theater? If so, cabinets have an essential role to play. To make the best of your hard-earned money, and gain the most on your investment, it is better to start following the above-mentioned tips to help your cabinet stand the test of time.

Kitchens are the heartbeat of every home. They see the most traffic and are designed to be exposed to prolonged moisture and heat. Cleaning kitchen cabinets regularly will eliminate potential damage to the material, finishes, and surface, thus maintaining the structural integrity.

Navy blue kitchen cabinets and similar shades can easily help remove the stains and the stubborn grease that gets accumulated. Just a wet cloth and two or three strokes will get your job done.

With these treatments, you can create an ever-lasting effect on the kitchen!