The Benefits of Adding Egress Windows in a Basement

Windows in a Basement

The egress windows are designed to work as an exit door in case of fire or different emergency. The building code often requires the addition of a window for emergency exit. Though there’re additional advantages to add egress windows to your basement, therefore it can be a good investment.

Emergency exit

The most significant advantage to add this window to basement is that it offers an emergency exit into space. In case of fire, you can be able to escape through your stairwell because it is closed by fire or smoke. Installing an exit window provides another means of exit so they are not stuck in the basement.

Natural light

Basements often have a bad reputation for being dark gray spaces. Adding an egress window instantly transforms the space, allowing natural light. Since the window should be big enough to work as an emergency exit, it can provide a lot of light in space. It also allows you to dress your wine cellar with the addition of attractive curtains to the windows.

Better ventilation

Having an egress window in the basement also helps to improve ventilation. A traditional, windowless basement can get clogged since the space does not get fresh air. If your basement has a moisture problem, an exit window can help combat excess moisture, providing a way for your escape and the introduction of drier air on the outside. If your basement has a musty or old odor, an exit window can help ease the smell as well.

Increase property value

Most building codes require an alternative means of exit in a basement if you intend to use it as a bedroom. With the addition of an exit window to basement, you can legally convert the space to a bedroom. When it comes time to sell your home, your value may increase.