Tips to use a drill machine at home

Tips to use a drill machine at home

It is good to keep a drill machine at home as it helps in performing basic nailing tasks and you don’t need to call for a carpenter every time. However, people who use drill machines at home are not professional carpenters. Thus, it is important to use certain safety when using a drill machine at home.

Ensure that there is no split water near the power socket

At times, people perform drilling tasks in the kitchen or washrooms. These areas do have water spilt on the floor or slabs. If you are using a power socket in any of these areas, take a dry cloth and wipe the area around it. You need to be sure that the area surrounding the socket is not wet as this can cause electrocution.

Do not drill in a wall beam

Drill machines for home are light weighted and you cannot use them to drill in a wall beam. An attempt to do so can exert immense pressure on your wrist and even cause a fracture.

Hold on to the drill firmly while drilling

Before you start drilling, make a circle on the wall where you need to drill. Once you start drilling, hold on the drill machine firmly. If your grip is not firm, the machine may slip off your hand resulting in job being spoilt and even injuring your hand. There is another thing which you need to take care of. The drilling nail should be fixed firmly to the remaining part of the machine. If the nail comes off when you are drilling, it can cause a major injury to your hand. Usually, drill machines for home usage come with a tool for tightening the nail. You can use this tool to check the condition of the nail before you start.