10 Creative Uses for Drywall Screws

Drywall Screws

Drywall screws are commonly used for attaching wallboard to studs, but their versatile nature makes them a valuable tool for various other tasks. In this article, we will explore ten creative uses for drywall screws that go beyond their traditional purpose. From paint stations to trammels, these ideas will help you make the most of this handy hardware. So, let’s dive in and discover the hidden potential of drywall screws!

Drywall Screws

1. Create a DIY Paint Station

Master carpenter Norm Abram from This Old House came up with a brilliant idea to repurpose drywall screws as a makeshift drying rack for painted cabinet doors. By screwing one drywall screw through each corner of a scrap board, you can rest the cabinet doors on these points, allowing them to dry without any contact with surfaces or other objects. This simple paint station is an excellent solution for small-scale painting projects.

2. Replace a Punch

When you’re trying to drill a hole in a tile, but the drill bit keeps wandering, general contractor Tom Silva suggests using a drywall screw as a replacement for a punch. By gently tapping a 2-inch drywall screw with a hammer, you create a small chip that helps the drill bit stay in place and provides a starting point for masonry bits. This trick ensures precise drilling without any slippage.

3. Snake a Sink

Dealing with a mild hair clog in your sink? Instead of reaching for harsh chemicals or expensive drain snakes, tie a drywall screw to a string and twirl it in the drain. The toothy threads of the screw will catch on the hair fibers, allowing you to pull out the clog easily. This simple hack can save you time and money, providing a quick solution to a common household problem.

4. Craft a Trammel

If you need to draw a perfect arc or circle, you can create your own trammel using drywall screws. Follow the lead of Tom Silva and drive two screws through a strip of wood, spacing them as wide as your desired radius. By inserting a pencil or marker between the points, you can effortlessly scratch a precise arc or circle. This DIY trammel is a handy tool for woodworking and other crafts.

5. Pilot a Hole

When you need to pre-drill a hole for larger hand-turned hooks, eye screws, or lag bolts, but you don’t have a small starter bit on hand, a drywall screw can come to the rescue. In the absence of a 1/8-inch starter bit, use a drywall screw to pre-drill an easy path for your larger hardware. This trick ensures a smooth installation without the risk of splitting the wood.

6. Silence a Squeak

Creaking floors can be a nuisance, especially beneath the carpet. To silence those annoying squeaks, locate where the floor meets a joist and insert a 2-inch drywall screw about an inch and a half into it through the carpet. Once in place, give the screw a sharp, glancing blow with a hammer to snap off the head safely below the carpet’s pile. This simple fix helps stabilize the floor and eliminates the squeaking sound.