Emergency in Plumbing and Unblocking


There are several common and some emergency plumbing problems that an owner may face in your home. Knowing what to do to solve some of these simple problems can help you find the right solution faster. Sometimes some things can be done on their own, but other emergencies will require the help of a specialized A1 Service Plumbing with a professional staff and appropriate tools to help you resolve the situation.



Clogs and leaks are the two most common emergencies that can occur in a home. And they can create pain in the owner when they occur. If you find that a drainage system (drains, toilet bowl) in your home is clogged, the first tool you should try is a sanitary napkin or common sink. If there is no result, it may be time to contact a company to unclog or drain the toilet.

You should not use chemicals in the drains or toilets because they often do not work and are harmful to the environment and to health. Many people also think about using a rotating spring washer to clean the drain, but if you do not know how to use this tool properly, you can cause damage.


A leak may be small or a major problem that needs immediate attention. The check valve for water cut is something everyone in the residence should know about. If a major leak is occurring in the house, you should turn off the water before doing anything else. A professional will know how to spot leaks in the house quickly. This will allow you to locate the leak and correct the problem so you can start using the water in your home again.

Be very careful when trying to solve problems. In case of any doubt or no knowledge of the emergency, contact a specialized company.