Home Improvement on a Budget: Tips for Replacing Your Old Sliding Glass Doors

Old Sliding Glass Doors

Sliding glass doors are a focal point of many homes, but they don’t last forever. Over time, older sliding doors can become drafty, energy inefficient, or simply worn out. However, replacing them doesn’t need to break the bank – with some planning and DIY work, you can upgrade your doors without overspending. Here are some tips for replacing old sliding doors on a modest budget.

Old Sliding Glass Doors

Measure Accurately

The first step is taking accurate measurements of the existing frame where the old doors are located. Measure the width, height, and depth of the frame opening. These measurements will be critical for ordering replacement doors that will fit properly. Consider hiring a Sliding Doors Experts Tampa Florida to ensure your measurements are exact if you aren’t confident in your skills. Precise measurements can save headaches and money down the road.

Shop Around for Prices

Get quotes from multiple companies that sell and install replacement sliding glass doors. Explain the size opening you need to fill. Compare total costs, not just the door price, as installation can add hundreds to the final bill. Seeing multiple options lets you identify the best value. Avoid high-pressure sales tactics by not committing when you first visit a store.

Consider DIY Installation

Many new sliding doors are designed for simple homeowner installation with basic tools and a weekend’s work. Research whether your chosen door model is rated for DIY installation. If possible, installing the doors yourself can save the cost of professional installation labor, often $500 or more. Just be sure to follow all instructions carefully. Hiring help for tricky parts like electrical work is also an option.

Choose Energy Efficient Options

New sliding doors offer much better insulation than older models. Improved glass treatments and tight seals keep cold and heat inside your home. Over the long run, energy efficient doors save on heating and cooling bills, recouping much of their higher upfront cost. Look for doors with high rated [”U-Factors”] and Solar Heat Gain Coefficients for the best value.

Consider Vinyl Doors Over Wood or Fiberglass

Vinyl is more affordable than wood and fiberglass doors, making it a budget-friendly choice. Vinyl doors offer low maintenance and will never rot, crack or peel. Standard insulated vinyl doors start around $500, competing well with mid-priced wooden options. Just be sure the vinyl doors you choose have sturdy construction for your home’s structural and weather needs.

Request Discounts

Most door and installation companies offer sales and package discounts from time to time. Mention any discounts or promotions when shopping, and ask respectfully whether any additional discounts could be applied to your purchase. Volume retailers may also offer membership-based savings that are worth inquiring about. Every dollar counted goes toward improving your sliding door experience.

Refurbish the Existing Frame

If the existing frame is still structurally sound after removing the old doors, consider spending $75-$150 to have it refurbished rather than replaced. This involves cleaning, repairing and re-anchoring the existing frame so the new doors slide smoothly. Refurbishing the frame extends the life of surrounding walls and trim work, saving hundreds over complete replacement.

Perform Minor Repairs Yourself

Many older doors struggle with minor issues like misaligned rollers or locks, sticking tracks or stripped screws. Consider tackling these repairs yourself before replacing the entire door system. A single $15 roller, $5 screw set or quick track adjustment may give your old doors new life. A local handyman can advise or assist if needed. If the doors still struggle after basic repairs, replacement is warranted.

Inspect Thoroughly Before Replacing

If minor repairs didn’t help, thoroughly inspect the doors and frame for durability issues like water damage, major bends or bowing before rushing into full replacement. Temporary fixes like adjusting tracks may ease issues for now. Contact a local expert like sliding glass door repair Tampa FL for a professional second opinion on whether full replacement is truly necessary. Extending the life of repairable doors prevents unnecessary expenses.

With careful planning and selection, you can replace old problematic sliding doors with new durable, energy efficient models without spending a small fortune. Taking your time to measure accurately, shop prices, consider DIY installation options and request discounts will maximize your budget for an improved home. Quality replacement doors offer savings and satisfaction for many years to come.