Refrigerator Repair – Clear Your Main Questions!

Refrigerator Repair - Clear Your Main Questions!

Making the most of the life of appliances is what everyone wants who runs a home. So when a home appliance goes bad, the idea of maintenance — in this case, refrigerator repair — always comes out ahead of the option to buy new merchandise.

However, in most cases, it is important to evaluate some factors to check cost-effectiveness wisely and bring improvements to the family routine: time of use, value of products (repair x purchase), current energy consumption, and how much more modern merchandise will affect this expense are some of the key analyzes that must be done before decision making.

In today’s post, we have sorted out some important refrigerator repair information for you and how to evaluate if your product should be serviced or replaced with a newer model. Keep up!

Buy vs. Repair

If your refrigerator still has a long shelf life, you need to calculate whether the maintenance cost (part + labor + logistics) will be higher than 30% of the value of new merchandise. If the result is below, refrigerator maintenance is ideal at 24h Appliance Repair. If larger, repair is not a good thing financially speaking.

Remember that for equipment with warranty, maintenance is always a priority, after all, they are already covered by insurers.

The Consumer Protection Code warns that consumers have 90 days to complain about possible defects in purchased products, regardless of warranty. After that, companies have a month to make product assistance.

Companies also have other options, such as replacing the damaged item with a new one, returning the amount paid, or offering a discount to the customer. More serious situations, such as product accidents, are subject to legal action against the company.

Another item of attention is the repetition of product maintenance. Taking your refrigerator a second time for repair is a sign that the time has come to change the model, as mounting and dismounting causes wear on the product.