A Weekend Well Spent – Installing a New Insulated Garage Door

With winter approaching, I decided it was time to replace the old garage door that was letting in cold air. The previous door was the original one that came with the house when we moved in 5 years ago, and over the years it had become drafty and inefficient. I wanted to upgrade to a new insulated door to help lower heating costs and keep the garage space more comfortable.

Planning and Preparing

I spent some time online researching different garage door options and reading reviews from homeowners who had recently installed new doors. I settled on a top-brand insulated steel door that was well-rated for quality, insulation value, and durability. It came with all the necessary hardware already included. Next was measuring the existing door opening to confirm the new door size.

I also checked that my garage had the proper electric opener and track to support the new, heavier insulated door. If an upgrade had been needed, I would have contracted with a local company like Garage Door Replacement in Petersburg to handle that part of the project. Luckily, everything checked out and was ready to go.

Taking Out the Old Door

On Saturday morning, I got to work removing the old door. This part went surprisingly smoothly since nearly all the components were already labelled. I disconnected the opener, removed all the panels, and took down the tracks. The previous door almost seemed to fall apart in my hands since it had deteriorated so much over the years.

By midday, the old sagging door was fully removed and the space was clear for the new installation. It was rewarding to already see improved insulation just from the empty opening!

Installing the New Door

With the afternoon remaining, I started bringing in all the new door components and laying them out in order of installation. The instructions were very clear although having an extra set of hands would have been helpful for lifting and adjusting parts. Slowly but surely, I got everything installed properly including attaching each insulated panel, hanging the tracks, and connecting the opener.

The whole door assembly went up without too much trouble thanks to the pre-drilled holes and installation videos I had watched beforehand. A few minor adjustments were needed but by early evening, the door was fully installed and functional! I was amazed at the solid feel of it compared to the flimsy old model.

Caulking and Finishing Up

On Sunday, I did some minor caulking around the perimeter to maximize air sealing. A quick test of the remote and opener confirmed everything was working perfectly. The new door closed with a solid thunk instead of sagging like before. What a difference an upgrade makes!

The whole project only took a weekend as planned but really tightened up my garage for winter. With the cost savings on heating bills each month, this insulation project will pay for itself in no time. Best of all, I gained a heavy-duty garage door that will stand up to years of use with little maintenance. It was well worth the effort to DIY install and treat myself to improved functionality and energy efficiency. My garage is now draft-free and cozy all thanks to a new insulated door.