Lighting for Reading

lighting for reading

See our tips for illuminating the space where you do your reading

Creating reading corners at home is a great idea for decoration. But to be perfect you have to have adequate lighting, right? Therefore, you can not miss a LED lamp to help you make the best choice we’ve prepared some tips, look!

lighting for reading

Ideal illumination

The light for reading can not be too strong or too weak. If it’s too weak, you’re going to have to force its vision to be able to see, and that will give you a feeling of tiredness. Now if the light is too strong, you will not be able to focus on the reading and this will also tire your eyes and take away your readiness. So the ideal is that the book light is medium but direct. In this case, a floor lamp, table lamp or reading lamp for bed is great option.

In the rooms, if you do not have space for a nightstand or side tables, you can use washers on the wall behind the bed, it’s beautiful! And even if the light is not directed, the effect produced will leave the lighting perfect for reading.

One of the lighting options, the decorative floor lamp is ideal for reading. A good tip is to match it with an armchair. It will be a charm!

Ideal reading lamp

When choosing bulbs, look for bulbs that do not heat up. If they are too hot, you will not be able to read for long. So the incandescent and the halogen are not good for reading. LEDs and fluorescents are perfect, because they heat much less, last longer and are even more economical. Another tip is to choose Small, Rechargeable, Eye Friendy Book Light with 3 Light Colors and 9 Brightness Levels, because it is more comfortable for our vision.