Major Uses of Propane Gas

Major Uses of Propane Gas

The propane is obtained by petroleum refining and during the extraction of natural gas. It is one of the liquefied petroleum gases and one of the main alternatives to the supply of natural gas.

It is a supply with high calorific value with a very low freezing temperature. The propane is highly flammable, non – toxic and to a leak, being heavier than air, it stays close to the ground.

The price of propane is higher than that of natural gas, but nevertheless it is a cheaper supply than electricity. Check the availability of propane gas at Discount Propane Inc.


Major uses of propane gas


The use of propane gas for heating leads to a high consumption of this supply both in homes and companies. The consumption of propane for heating depends on different elements that the user must take into account:

  • Thermal insulation of the house or enclosure
  • Climatic characteristics of the area
  • Type of boiler
  • Use of another supply to heat the house or enclosure

In a house of 90 square meters the annual cost of heating propane would be around €714.82, while if the user had natural gas, the annual cost would be €518.48.

Major Uses of Propane Gas


Propane gas is also used for cooking. The consumption of this supply, which is not usually very high in the kitchen, depends on the following elements:

  • Type of kitchen installed
  • Apparatus using propane gas
  • Type of burners

The consumption of propane depends on the elements indicated.

Hot water:

The client can also have domestic hot water in his home or company with propane gas. It is one of the uses that entail a greater consumption of this supply.

The consumption of hot water directly depends on the number of people living in the house and their consumption habits.