Trusted Real Estate App Creators

Yes, you read that header correctly! Trac Realty, the quote ‘Trusted Real Estate App Creators’ are providing agents and brokerages with the opportunity to share their very own, personalized real estate app. It was only about 10 years ago when 1 out of every 10 agents utilized a custom website where nowadays these statistics have completely 360’d to 8/10. Safely assuming the integration of mobile apps in our everyday lives continues to increase, we can expect that most agents will utilize their very own app by 2030. A mobile app, in general, helps create brand loyalty and provides future and current clients an exciting new ‘on the go’ user experience. Consider it your digital business card, no need to provide everyone a 3×2 piece of paper in hopes of future contact, Let them download your app and browse MLS listings as they please. What adds tremendous value to a personalized platform is that all points of contact come back to you! When customers register in their app, Leads will appear in a web-based backend lead management system for agents to monitor and contact. The beauty in this product is that evidence that technology will have a major evolution to the real estate economy by 2023 and we can see even now how it can better the user experience. For the meantime, we can count on Trac Realty to be leading the way of real estate app development. For more information on the custom mobile app visit their website The future of real estate HAS ARRIVED