Discover the Benefits of the Roof Window!


One of the most frequent questions when building the roof of the house is whether or not to install a window on the roof. The biggest concern is with the sealing and position of the accessory, which must fit perfectly in the middle of the tiles. With B&M Roofing experts, you don’t have to worry about that! Discover the window structure and what it can bring to your work.


What is a Roof Window?

It is usually used in inhabited attics or roofs, making the environment more light and airy. In addition, it can be an effective way to access the external area of the roof through the slab or the internal area of the house.

What Are the Benefits of Having a Roof Window?

Installing a window on the work’s roof can bring numerous benefits for the usability of the environments and for the comfort of the inhabitants. Check out the main ones:

  • Ventilates the inside of the roof
  • Light up the environment
  • Prevents the presence of bats
  • Makes access to the roof easier
  • Practicality for maintenance of tiles

The window frame perfectly replaces the tiles. It is the only ones specifically modulated for concrete, eliminating the need to cut tiles.

When closed, they are secure, bringing light into the house or slab. When partially open, allow ventilation. When fully open, they act as a window, allowing access to the roof through the slab or inside the house. For inhabited attic, they decorate and illuminate.

In addition, they are practical and safe:

  • They have an internal lock;
  • They can be installed in finished houses, simply removing some concrete tiles;
  • They come with all the seals ready;
  • Prevent leaks and infiltrations from common domes;

Now that you know the reasons, benefits and convenience of having a window on the roof, give life and safety to your attic with the roof windows!