Timber Deck in Pool Areas – Tips for Conservation

Timber Deck in Pool Areas - Tips for Conservation

A leisure area does not only need a pleasant look, but also a Landscaping Melbourne structure that allows everyone to enjoy the space with more comfort. And that’s exactly what a pool area should look like. And for that, there is a wooden deck, which can be installed outside the pool, making the space much more comfortable. But, it is necessary to pay attention to care, to preserve it in the best possible way. Keep following us and check out great ways to conserve wooden decks in pool areas.

Timber Deck in Pool Areas - Tips for Conservation

Benefits of wooden deck in pool areas

There are several benefits of Timber Decking, and among the main ones are: the quick assembly, as it does not take many days to install, the thermal sensation of the wood in relation to other floors, especially around the swimming pools, as it leaves the place much more comfortable, and its visual identity that gives a rustic feel to the environment.

How to conserve wooden decks in pool areas

It is not enough to just install the wooden deck and use the pool normally. In this case, it is necessary to preserve this space, so that the wood is always preserved. Below, we list some tips for wood deck conservation in pool areas.

Choose a quality wood

In the case of the wooden deck, which will be outdoors and will probably suffer damage, it is very important to choose a resistant wood, which has a longer useful life.


Every six months, or at least once a year, the wooden deck will need maintenance, and the owner may request it from a specialized company. Generally, the wood will be sanded and the varnish removed, so that the products for waterproofing the wood are then reapplied.

The wood should not be in direct contact with the ground, and the deck should be installed at a small height from the ground.