How Sewer Jetting Can Tackle Roots in Your Sewer Line

Sewer Jetting

Dealing with roots invading your sewer line can be a nightmare for homeowners. These intrusive roots can cause blockages and damage, leading to costly repairs. However, there’s a solution that’s gaining popularity among plumbing experts: sewer jetting. But can a sewer jetting cut roots effectively? Let’s explore.

Sewer Jetting

Understanding the Issue: Roots in Your Sewer Line

Before delving into solutions, it’s essential to grasp the problem at hand. Over time, roots from trees and shrubs can infiltrate sewer lines through small cracks or joints. Once inside, they can grow rapidly, forming blockages and causing sewage backups. Traditional methods like snaking may provide temporary relief, but they often fail to address the underlying issue, leaving roots to regrow and cause further damage.

Why Sewer Jetting?

According to plumbing experts like Simpson Plumbing, sewer jetting offers a comprehensive solution to root intrusion. Unlike snaking, which merely punctures a hole through the roots, sewer jetting utilizes high-pressure water to scour the inside of the pipes thoroughly. This powerful stream of water can effectively break up and flush away roots, restoring proper flow and preventing future blockages.

How Sewer Jetting Works:

Using a sewer jetter involves a straightforward yet highly effective process. A specialized nozzle attached to a high-pressure hose is inserted into the sewer line through an access point, such as a cleanout. Once in position, the nozzle emits a powerful stream of water at pressures exceeding 3,000 PSI. This forceful jet of water can penetrate deep into the pipe, dislodging and flushing out roots, along with any other debris or buildup.

Can a Sewer Jetter Cut Roots?

One common question among homeowners facing root intrusion is whether a sewer jetter can effectively cut through roots. While sewer jetters can help with smaller roots, it’s important to note that they aren’t always strong enough to tackle large or stubborn roots. In such cases, professional assessment and possibly additional measures may be necessary.

Benefits of Sewer Jetting:

Apart from its effectiveness in removing roots, sewer jetting offers several other benefits. Firstly, it’s a non-invasive method that doesn’t require extensive digging or excavation, minimizing disruption to your property. Additionally, it provides a thorough cleaning of the entire pipe, removing not only roots but also grease, scale, and other debris, thereby improving the overall flow and efficiency of your sewer system.

Maintenance and Prevention:

While sewer jetting can provide immediate relief from root intrusion, proactive maintenance is key to preventing future issues. Regular inspections and proactive root control measures, such as chemical treatments or root barriers, can help mitigate the risk of root intrusion and prolong the lifespan of your sewer line.


In conclusion, sewer jetting is a highly effective solution for addressing roots in your sewer line. While it may not be able to tackle large roots on its own, it offers numerous benefits and can help prevent further damage when used in conjunction with other preventative measures. By understanding the capabilities of sewer jetting and investing in proactive maintenance, homeowners can ensure the long-term health and functionality of their sewer systems.