How to Get an Arborist Report When Building New Home

How to Get an Arborist Report When Building New Home

Arborist report is very vital when you need to remove a tree. You have to present this report to local building authority to remove or pun a tree. It generally includes general information about tree such as health, condition and age of tree.

Most local building authorities also include tree removal report experts but they normally need the opinion from another party or arborist.

How to Get an Arborist Report When Building New Home

What is the fee of arborist report 

The fee is not fixed for all types of tree. It may be different according to one to another location. It may be less or more according to number of required trees. Fee for one report is $300-450.

Arborist report to remove a tree

Arborist report to remove a tree has an objective to authorize the feasibility of the relevant tree with regard to its general health, and any present or future risk to people or any property.

In start, the arborist report will check the importance of tree according to its location. Is it an urban area? Does this tree has very little value or does it belonged to a very rear plant family? How much old the tree is? Does the wildlife agency support the tree? 

Arborist report to construct a building

If you want to submit an application to construct a building such as a garage, a swimming pool or a new home, then you may need to pay a bit higher to get an Arborist Report.

Normally, the building plans need to take care of some recommendations established by local authorities. The Tree Protection Zones (TPZ) also recommends some measures to protect the trees from being damages. This process may take some time. The TPZ officers may need to provide some measures when using big machineries around trees to protect the soil and trees.