How to Style Hickory Kitchen Cabinets with Your Kids in Mind

Hickory Kitchen Cabinets

Styling a space and so, various décor accessories inside it, for kids, is much more difficult than it is to do so for adults. Generally speaking, when styling a room and décor items inside it for adults, you are more likely to bump into more don’ts than dos.

Because children are special people, you must never adopt styling rule for adults when styling your space and décor materials with your kids in mind. This article will teach you more about styling aspects to bear in mind when styling a kitchen hall with hickory cabinets.

Continue reading to learn more about the major styling rules for hickory kitchen cabinets.

Hickory Kitchen Cabinets

Are Hickory Kitchen Cabinets Difficult to Style?

Of course not! Like all natural wood cabinets, hickory cabinets can match several aesthetic styling features. For this reason, you can blend them with the colors of your choice to achieve the outlook you want, as far as the demeanor of your space is concerned.

Here are the most important styling aspects you must bear in mind when styling hickory kitchen cabinets with your child in mind;

#1: Safety

Whether you are a well-established interior design expert or homeowner, this must come first anytime you are styling a space that is frequented more by children than adults. Thanks to their adventurous spirits, typical of the spirit of Dora the Explorer, children may want to touch various parts of the cabinetries, not to mention sweeping anything they spot on the countertops.

In the process of scaling up and down your kitchen hall, children may bump and injure their bodies into cupboard edges or parts, especially if the cabinetries are not well-smothered or are badly shaped. To avoid such scenarios, you must consider safety aspects when styling your hickory kitchen cabinets with your kids in mind.

 #2: Regular Maintenance

Arguably, any space that is frequented by children needs to seem wholesomely tidy and hygienic. Hence, while styling hickory cabinets with your children in mind, you must consider regular cleaning and maintenance as part of the styling process.

Consequently, you must bear in mind the need to engage décor accessories crafted with washable material textures. A viable alternative is to consider working with décor accessories covered in dark hues. Dark-stained material finishes attract and retain dust less often and so, can look easily look tidy at any point in time.

#3: Play

A space that hinders children from playing can seem frustrating to your kids. Therefore, when styling a space covered by hickory kitchen cabinets with your kids in mind, you must consider styling options that don’t come with restrictions, as far as children’s freedom to play is concerned.

For example, regarding cabinet countertops, you can go for colorful material finishes that prove effective in creating safe play zones for children. Regarding the color of your hickory cabinets, you must consider shades or hues that don’t show dirt easily but boast the potential to infuse fun in terms of visual aesthetics.

#4: Color Mixing

If you are styling a kitchen space covered by hickory cabinets with children in mind, you must consider mixing a variety of colors. Note that children are attracted to colors and so, can only be at ease in interiors adorned with colors. However, the majority of colorful shades are difficult to maintain, a fact that makes color mixing an expensive affair in a kitchen remodeling process targeting children.

To avoid over-mixing vibrant shades, you can let deep colors that don’t show dirt dominate major aspects of the cabinetry. Vibrant shades, most of which charm children but are difficult to maintain, should appear in terms of décor accessories and fixtures, for example, pulls and pushes.

Are Hickory Cabinets Ideal for Kitchen Interior Design?

Hickory kitchen cabinets are ideal for interior design as any other natural wood kitchen cabinet design. Apart from their enhanced outlooks, they prove valuable based on the following;

  • Enhanced Functional Values

Besides the fact that they boast harmony with a wide variety of modern and traditional visual aesthetic styles, hickory cabinets are durable and easier to maintain than metallic or laminate cabinets. Also, they can work well for you regardless of your likes regarding interior visual aesthetic styles or the outlooks of the space in which you have installed them.

  • Versatility

Hickory kitchen cabinets also prove valuable when examined from the perspective of their versatile nature. If you choose to go for them, you can access as many traditional and modern-style cupboard designs as possible. For that reason, you can easily locate your dream kitchen cabinets more easily among hickory than many cabinetry designs.

  • Trending Fashion

Presently, natural wood cabinets have overwhelmed the kitchen interior design sector. Consequently, going for kitchen cabinets constructed from hickory, the strongest hardwood variety, equals going to some of the most fashionable cabinetry designs. Many homeowners aspiring to make their spaces look exorbitantly stylish are resorting to hickory cabinets simply because they are trending.

Types of Hickory Kitchen Cabinets to Buy in 2024

  • Modern-Style Distressed Hickory Cabinets

Distressed-style modern hickory kitchen cabinets are worth buying this year. They are coming out featuring a variety of construction formats, sizes, and shapes, all of which seem ideal for the latest modern kitchen aesthetic styles. In terms of durability, these drawers come with enhanced features that make them more durable than their traditional counterparts.

  • Modern Shaker-Style Hickory Kitchen Cabinets

If you wish to own cupboard designs whose visual aesthetic styling properties incline towards both traditionalism and modernity, shaker-style modern hickory cabinets are meant for you. The classic-style cupboard designs considered everywhere as perfect for crafting transitional kitchen interior designs are shaker-fashioned hickory cabinets. You can find them in multiple shapes, colors, and sizes on several land-based and online platforms that sell interior décor accessories.

Final Thoughts

Whereas styling kitchen cabinets for children is much more difficult than it is to style for adults, it can prove easy and fun if you are working with hickory cabinets. Truthfully, hickory kitchen cabinets, some of the most searched wood-based cabinets, not only come with enhanced practical values but are also versatile; facts that prove them valuable.