Is RTA Kitchen Cabinets Fit Your Kitchen Remodeling Budget

RTA Kitchen Cabinets
RTA Kitchen Cabinets

As the art of kitchen interior design continues to be more expensive, homeowners around the globe are day-by-day shifting their attention to ready-to-assemble or RTA kitchen cabinets. Generally speaking, RTA cabinets are continuously proving to be the best décor materials when it comes to limiting the costs of interior design.

If by any chance you want to significantly cut your budget for a kitchen remodel by buying RTA cabinets, this article is for you. Read on to discover everything you need to know about these modern-style kitchen cabinets before you make your purchase.

About RTA Kitchen Cabinets

Ready-to-assemble cabinets come in different materials, forms, and colors. You can find varieties made of natural wood, particle board, plywood, fiberboard, or other artificial materials. In terms of shapes and coloring, RTA kitchen cabinets come in a myriad of layouts as well as dozens of traditional and contemporary shades.

Whenever you buy RTA cabinets online or physically, the seller will hand them to you as separate components that need to be put together. The good thing about the form that these drawers come with is that it makes them easier to transport and so, cost-effective and convenient.

Besides their unassembled format, the following attributes describe ready-to-assemble cabinets.

  • Exceptional Material Quality

You can easily identify RTA cabinets by assessing the quality of cabinetry material. Unassembled kitchen cabinets mostly feature the most high-quality materials, including varieties of hardwood species and artificial materials like fiberboard and plywood. With their high-end material qualities, RTA cabinets boast extremely longer lifespans and attractive resale values.

  • Harmony with Multiple Interior Designs

Apart from their outstanding material quality, RTA kitchen cabinets are distinguishable based on their proven capability to match all kinds of interior designs, from traditional to modern and contemporary-style designs. Regardless of the size or layout of your kitchen, RTA cabinets can perfectly fit inside it, thanks to the fact that they come in an assembled format that makes them easier to customize.

  • Pocket-Friendly Cost of Purchase

From brick-and-mortar to online furniture shopping sites, RTA kitchen cabinets are unquestionably convenient in terms of purchase. Because of the unassembled format they come with, these top-trending cabinet designs are easier to transport, which is the fact that to some extent, explains their low cost of purchase.

Where to Find RTA Kitchen Cabinets

Now that their popularity is incomparable, RTA cabinets are almost everywhere. They are available for sale on multiple online shopping platforms and land-based furniture stores. Even though you can unquestionably find these drawers with ease, there are things you must be cognizant of unless you don’t want access to the most outstanding varieties at favorable pricing options.

They include the following;

#1: Cost of Purchase

As is the case with all other cabinet designs, you need to know the cost of purchasing your ideal variety of RTA kitchen cabinets before making any payment. Knowing the cost of purchase can help you budget for a kitchen remodeling exercise to ensure you don’t go bankrupt. Fortunately, as we have already noted, RTA cabinets are impressive in terms of cost of purchase, thanks to the unassembled construction format they come with.

#2: Your Ideal Interior Design Styles

Whether you are moved by a classic or contemporary-style kitchen interior, you must beware of your preferred interior design style before buying RTA cabinets. By knowing your interior design preferences, you will be certain about the type of RTA cabinets to go for, especially in terms of color, materials, and beautification properties.  

Depending on your interior design preferences, here are the most common types of unassembled cabinets you can opt to buy.

  • Shaker-Style RTA Kitchen Cabinets
  • Frameless RTA cabinets
  • Modern wood RTA cabinets

#3: Material Quality

Besides knowing your preferred interior design styles and the cost of purchasing RTA cabinets, you need to beware of the material quality of the RTA cabinets of your choice when making a purchase. While these drawers are known to feature high-standard materials, you can easily find varieties with fake or less-durable materials, thanks to the prominence of rogue cabinet manufacturers in the contemporary interior design industry.

#4: How to Assemble RTA Kitchen Cabinets

You must also be certain that you know how to assemble RTA kitchen cabinets before you commit your money to buy them. Thankfully, regardless of your experience working with RTA-like cabinets, you will find assembling RTA kitchen cabinets a very lag-free exercise. If you have the right tools, you not spend more than 10 minutes assembling RTA cupboards.

Here are tips that will help you assemble RTA cabinets like a pro;

  • Gather the right tools, including screwdrivers, drills, glue, and rubber mallet
  • Remove cabinet hardware components from their packaging before reviewing them
  • Glue the cabinet panels together
  • Fix the bottom board and support rails as well as insert the dowels into their respective holes
  • Insert the rare cabinet panel and adjustable shelves
  • Install the doors and clean up your work area and cabinet surfaces with a damp rag or cloth

Benefits of RTA Kitchen Cabinets

Generally speaking, RTA kitchen cabinets come with multiple benefits. The most notable benefits of these drawers include the following;

  • Convenience

Because of their incomparable pocket-friendly cost of purchase, RTA cabinets stand out as convenient for any interior design. Besides reducing the cost of developing your ideal interior design, these drawer varieties are easier to find, install, modify, and maintain, all of which express them as exceptionally convenient.

  • Practicability

RTA cabinets, just like we already mentioned, are compatible with a wide range of interior designs if not all. In this respect, they are outstandingly practical in the sense that you can effortlessly use them to craft any kitchen interior design of your choice. Besides, RTA kitchen cabinets are easier to work with since their finishes are less susceptible to scratches, dust, and other forms of tear and wear.

Final Thoughts

There’s arguably no better way to cut down the costs of a kitchen remodel project than buying RTA cabinets. RTA kitchen cabinets are not only cheaper to acquire but also maintain. Besides, these drawers are compatible with multiple interior designs, are easily accessible, and come with varying styling options, all of which can wholesomely simplify your kitchen remodel project.