How to replace a kitchen faucet

How to replace a kitchen faucet

A kitchen faucet needs to be replaced after a particular time span. If you call in for a plumber to perform this simple job, it would result in an unnecessary expense. You can perform this job by following a simple process. Here are the key steps which need to be followed to replace a kitchen faucet yourself.

Turn Off the hot water and cold water lines

To prevent any form of leakage while performing the repair job, it is important that the water lines are turned off before you start. Each of these lines has a knob with appropriate directions. In other words, you may have to turn the knob in the right or left direction to turn it off.

Detach the existing faucet

According to the size of nut with which the faucet is connected, pick a ranch and grip the nut with it. Rotate the ranch in anti-clockwise direction to unscrew the faucet. You need to be sure that that the faucet is not gripped too tightly as this can result in cracking the connected pipe.

Fitting the new faucet

To fit the faucet, simply execute the process that was used to detach the faucet in the opposite manner. Hold the faucet and connect it to the main pipe by screwing the nut. You can do this by gripping the nut with the same ranch and rotating it in the clockwise direction. Once you have tightened the nut, shake it with the hand and ensure that it is gripped in a firm manner. The last step is to turn on the hot and cold water lines. If the water is leaking from anywhere, it simply means that the nut of the faucet has not been fitted properly. Reopen the faucet and fit the nut again to solve this problem.