Vacuum Cleaners & Water – 4 Functions You Didn’t Imagine

Vacuum Cleaners & Water

The vacuum cleaner is a versatile appliance that allows you to clean different areas of the house faster and more efficiently. What many do not know is that today there are models at that go far beyond the vacuuming function. Do you know what a vacuum cleaner and water is?

This model also has the function of vacuuming liquids other than water, making your cleaning routine even easier. Did you drop pasta with sauce on the floor? Soup dropped on the living room table? The vacuum cleaner can handle these demands with peace of mind, but it can also be used for functions you may not even realize. See below:

Use the vacuum cleaner and water to unclog sinks

That’s right: you don’t have to chase after a pro to unclog your sink pipe. With the vacuum cleaner, you can unclog the sink – whether from the kitchen, bathroom or laundry area – without stress or headaches. This model can even suck up mud!

Vacuum and water cleaner helps clean aquariums and water tanks

Have you ever been cleaning your water tank and left that little water in the bottom that you suffer to remove? With the vacuum cleaner, this does not happen. It collects all the water and you can sanitize items such as water tanks and aquariums with ease.

Fill balloons and air mattresses with vacuum cleaner

The vacuum cleaner has the blow function, so you don’t have to waste your lungs for nothing: inflate balloons, air mattresses and even inflatable toys with speed and peace of mind.

Light the barbecue with your vacuum cleaner and water

That’s right: you can light your barbecue with the aid of the appliance. Just use the blowing function of your vacuum cleaner and it will help in spreading the flames of your barbecue, causing the fire to spread quickly.