Do It Yourself: How to Fix a Riccar Vacuum Cleaner and Save!

Tips for Choosing the Best Vacuum Cleaner

A Riccar vacuum cleaner is an electric fan that sucks air and dust through a tube into a bag or a chamber. The air is then filtered and expelled. Vertical vacuum cleaners also have rotary, belt-driven brushes to remove dust, while cylindrical models rely only on suction. A Riccar vacuum cleaner can clean square miles over a decade. But when the engine burns out, the cost of a professional repair is rarely worth it and it will be cheaper to buy new Riccar Vacuum parts. Check below how to fix vacuum cleaner and save:

Tips for Choosing the Best Vacuum Cleaner

The vacuum cleaner lost suction

In this case, make sure there are no clogs or air leaks:

·         See if something is clogging the hose. Switch off the appliance and remove each section, starting with the furthest from the engine. Reconnect and check: If the suction returns to normal, the obstruction should be in the section you just removed.

·         If hose is clear, check dust bag and filters. Replace a torn bag or empty the dust receptacle. Wash or replace clogged filters.

·         Check the rotating brush of your vertical vacuum cleaner. It can become tangled in hair or line wads.

The hose is clogged

Is something stuck in your vacuum hose? If rocking, blowing and shaking failed, try to push it out, but not with any stick, this could damage the unit. A garden hose is the perfect tool: flexible, long enough and rubberized plastic will not tear the hose from the vacuum cleaner. To do this, follow the steps:

·         Disconnect the clogged tubing and insert the garden hose through the side of the vacuum until it becomes obstructed. It is easier to get the obstruction back where it came from.

·         If you cannot make the obstruction move, remove the garden hose and try the other side, alternating sides until it comes loose.