What are the Advantages of Using Carpets and Importance of Carpet Cleaning?

Importance of Carpet Cleaning

Comfort, variety of textures, colors and models, thermal and sound insulation, durability and ease of conservation. These are the advantages of using carpets as floor coverings.

There are a large number of specific carpet cleaning products and carpet cleaning Melbourne services on the market, such as detergents and cleaners, which are indicated for manual and extractive cleaning by means of extractor washers, or rotary cleaning, with the use of industrial polishers and the bonnet disc.

Importance of Carpet Cleaning

Carpet characteristics and specifics

The cleaning processes ensure people’s health, when removing organic and inorganic dirt from carpets.

In addition to revitalizing the carpet and removing stains, a properly done wet carpet drying Melbourne will extend the life of the carpet.

  • Thermal Insulation: Every carpet has thermal insulation properties, capable of acting in three ways: conduction, convection and radiation;
  • Allergy: The mites, belonging to the arachnid family, are mainly responsible for triggering allergic processes in closed environments. Carpets, almost always, take the fame for this matter of allergies and the presence of mites. However, surveys conducted in homes show that the highest incidence of these microorganisms is in bed linen and sofas;
  • Resistance: It is related to the type of fiber used in its manufacture, its ability to resist friction and the tendency of the fibers to return to their original position after being pressed;
  • Comfort: It will depend on the density and height of the fibers, both in walking and in touch;
  • Static Control: Ability to permanently control static electricity.
  • Acoustic Insulation: Carpet’s ability to absorb aerial sounds is up to 10 times greater than that of other floor coverings.

Research shows that for every mite found in carpet, thousands (or millions) live and multiply in beds.

It is important to highlight that carpets made with synthetic fibers – such as nylon – do not favor the proliferation of fungi, the main sources of food for mites.